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With businesses competing in a hyper-mature, oversupplied market, creating a great product or service is no longer enough to win you loyal fans and customers. Engagement wins. It’s invaluable to know what makes people tick. Knowing your customer means you’re engaged, you’re listening and responding—and you can make informed predications. And being engaged gets people […]

It started back in 1991. BIRD set out to change the agency paradigm. Beginning with a handful of diverse, smart, heavy-hitting clients like E!, Reebok, Warner Brothers, Gramercy Pictures, and FX, we delivered thoughtful distinctive advertising, branding and design solutions while avoiding the big agency complex chain of command. In our way we have sought […]

Music has inspired much of our creativity and thinking over the years. We were in many ways born out of the rock scene of the 70’s and 80’s. Bowie probably more than any other artist embodied something creatively and intellectually appealing to us. He was as much a visual expression as a musical one and […]

Ho Ho Ya to the end of a great year and the beginning of another—2016 marks our 25th year as BIRD, which we’re looking forward to celebrating with you all. Keep checking in for details.


The road story Vietnam from Georgy Tarasov on Vimeo. Our Senior Designer, Jose and Gregory Tarasov have one thing in common, they both are keen for adventure.

Jose's adventure gear!

Last Friday we bon-voyaged our senior designer and resident music tastemaker, Jose. He is now off on the sabbatical adventure of a lifetime, backpacking through New Zealand and wherever else the South Pacific wind takes him. We’ll miss you around the nest, Jose, and we wish you safe travels and the best of luck on […]

A few months ago, one of our BIRD designers moved to Luxembourg, a small country at the crossroads of Western Europe. She is continuing to work with us remotely while she’s living abroad. Keep an eye out for her design and travel experiences under #BIRDmigrations. Without further ado, here is Ash with a little background […]

You may have heard that BIRD has flown the coop! Don’t worry – we’re just loaning our iconic Sunset Boulevard space to some friends at Sony Music for a special project they’re doing. In the meantime, we are loving settling into our new nest in the historic Cosmo Lofts. Our expansive views of the city […]

Inside BIRD

Located in the heart of Hollywood—in what was originally the office of the seminal designer, brander, and filmmaker Saul Bass—our offices offer a modern, eclectic, open space for our team to collaborate and create in. At BIRD, we embrace the idea that a creative work environment helps stimulate minds and inspire innovation. We ditched the […]