Our process of strategically building brands extends beyond big players like Pandora, Avery, Salesforce and Cisco. We love working with regional brands to define and elevate the conversation, creating a competitive edge that separates our clients’ offerings from an overwhelming world of choice.

A West Coast company with century-old ties in Los Angeles, Storage West was struggling to find a point of differentiation in the crowded storage space industry, with discounts and cut-rate competition considered the way to sell customers on storage. BIRD tackled the branding issue with our careful process of research, discovery, analysis, conceptualization, synthesis and execution.

Beginning with commissioning a consumer research study, we applied our learnings that service is a value story consumers truly look for—that premium pricing was sustainable by an ethic of premium service, security and creating a deep connection with local communities. A unique brand position, mark and message, utilizing the concepts of service and community, was born: a contemporary logo that utilized a waypoint and keyhole alongside the simple, direct tagline “Here for you.” The brand stands proudly next to the big storage players, proving that friendly and familiar appeal to people looking for help transitioning through life changes like moving across town or across the country, growing a business, or just finding a place for all that extra stuff.

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